About Us

Our Story

Welcome Sisters, I am Khadra, the founder of Sabaah’s Boutique. When I first began Sabaah’s Boutique in 2014 there was a gap in the market for a retailer specialising in a range of modest-wear, hijabs and abayas. I noticed the lack of hijab retailers that offered fashionable pieces whilst maintaining modesty. From then on I made it my goal to resolve that issue for my fellow sisters here in the UK and now Internationally. With this in mind, I began building my company and envisioned creating an online retailer with premium hijabs that were stylish, affordable and comfortable as well as accessories and a range of modest wear. I always ensure I keep my customers at the forefront of my mind. I strive to provide a place for Muslim women to find their unique style. By providing an array of materials and textures, this allows them to feel comfortable and confident in themselves whilst upholding modesty.